Wednesday, January 18, 2006


My past birthday (eons ago), my pal Craig McEwen gave me the most awesomest gift I've ever got ever! Yeah, the Big Wheel for X-mas when I was 5 was amazing but this is even more amazinger. A mint-in-box original Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Bigfoot complete with chest plate!!!!

This was his personal Bionic Bigfoot from his awesome Six Million Dollar Man collection. When I opened the present I couldn't at first fathom why it was in my hands until I suddenly realized that he was actually giving to me for my bigfoot collection. I thought I'd never have an original, let alone in the box WITH THE CHEST PLATE!!!! Thanks forever Craig!!!

Take a close look at the STABILIZED PATTY footage from my previous entry. Due to the footage being stabilized, I and many other sasquatch researchers have now noticed that she (Patty is the name given to the bigfoot in the film; named after the man who shot the footage Roger Patterson) is missing a chest plate!!!

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