Friday, November 30, 2007


I just wrapped up my 2nd episode of Storm Hawks and MAN!!! I can't believe how awesome the show looks. I can't show you anything just yet of course but when it airs I'll post a clip. I just wanted to give a HUUUUGE thanks to the animators, modelers, designers and post-visual crew for making this last episode BLOG-WORTHY! The post-visual crew went above and beyond their duties to make this episode crazy good.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Look! I almost imploded when I saw this but thank god the guy was wearing sunglasses because if you look directly into the eyes of your doppleganger you implode upon yourself and explode your doppleganger. I don't know any other information other than what you see. A buddy sent it my way with the message: "Found this picture of you online and thought you had to see it. I saw it and thought, my god, Johnny's doppelganger is a Marine." UPDATE: My pal Paul added, "It's from a military forum. It's a USMC Force Recon guy. The second I saw it I was pretty surprised, of all the "it looks like so and so" that's the most separated at birth like pic I've seen in awhile."

My first reaction was that it was a photoshop job but who'd bother to waste their time photoshopping my face onto a marine/militia turkey? If you're gonna photoshop my face onto something make it something cool. Like this:


Pixar's next feature, Wall-E, is due out in the summer of '08, but you can get a glimpse at some of the movie's back-story through this satirical corporate Walmart-like website made by Pixar.
Their Buy N Large site pokes fun at everything from disclaimers and agreements, trends and world news. I particularly liked the news article about a new corporate punk band called "Re-Fi" which sings songs good spending habits and the best malls to find deals. Another good article is a movie review for "Mobius the Loopy" which is about a duck who can walk through time and was made by a company called Pix-Vue. Check their site out now!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Kicked Burning Terrorist So Hard in Balls I Tore a Tendon

Best Headline Ever.A hero cabbie who took on Glasgow Airport terror suspects told how he booted one of them in the privates. Alex McIlveen, 45, kicked the man, whose body was in flames, so hard that he tore a tendon in his foot. But he said: "He didn't even flinch. I couldn't believe he didn't go down.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Check out this cool steampunk laptop my friend Ken Henderson* sent my way for you to enjoy. From the site itself: "This may look like a Victorian music box, but inside this intricately hand-crafted wooden case lives a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 laptop that runs both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. It features an elaborate display of clockworks under glass, engraved brass accents, claw feet, an antiqued copper keyboard and mouse, leather wrist pads, and customized wireless network card. The machine turns on with an antique clock-winding key by way of a custom-built ratcheting switch made from old clock parts."
To see more awesome pictures and video go to this site here!

*(I meant to post this a whole-shit-load-of-weeks-ago) CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Ken Henderson for becoming a published comic-strip creator/artist! His sports "funnies" The Straight Jab can be seen weekly in the Georgia Straight's sports section as well as seen here!
He also has another sports strip called Offside Sports which can be seen on his site here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The people of Glen St. Mary, Florida report hearing and seeing an ape hiding out in their woods. This isn't new news. People have been reporting sightings of the "Skunk Ape" for over 100 years but only now is it seeming to attract media attention. Loren Coleman, over at Cryptomundo has much more to offer....

Friday, November 09, 2007


While renovating the Halfsquatch headquarters earlier this month I found a small wooden panel on the wall. It was hiding behind the safe. I pried open the panel and found a metal box which read "Useless Flim" [sic]. Inside were a number of reels including this one here:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


HOW AWESOME!!! Finally, we Canadians no longer have to cross the border into America in order to use the amazing internet video posting site YouTube. For many of us Canadians, it's a dream-come-true to finally have access to this site which has proven to be very popular with our American neighbours. When I received a telegram about about this exciting news, I tapped a work-mate on the shoulder and said "HEY! YouTube is now available in Canada!" to which he replied "What's YouTube?" Oh man, is his life is going to change or what?!?!!!!! Now if only we could get the internet itself routed into Canada!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


I've been looking around and snoopin' about and studying the Jacob's Creature photos for some time and even though I really wish we had conclusive photographs of a sasquatch, I'm not entirely convinced. Look at this fancy bear below.

I chopped off its head and applied it to the photo below for comparison to what I think could be a bear (albeit a scrawny one). Don't get me wrong, when I look at the photo below I do at first glance admit that it looks primate but if you look at what is supposedly its head (click on the pictures to biggerize them)...

If it is a bear I see that it's nose is hiding behind its left forearm as if it were licking the inside of its elbow. Here is a photo that was posted at the BFRO of a mangy old bear. Poor sack of skin and bones. If I didn't know it was a bear I may have thought it was an ill hyena. We have better lighting, clearer photography to help us determine that this is not the case. At another angle, under starker lighting conditions and grainier film, who knows how similar to a primate it could look, especially if the head was out of sight?

The other photo of the creature shows a lump on the ground. Some people have been saying that this is its head. I don't see how this can be the case. Very very odd proportions. Too odd to be correct. So what is it? It wasn't there in the previous photo? I think it's a bear cub. Hey we have photos of bear cubs already. 30 seconds is enough time for an enthusiastic little cub to run up to its mother and start squirming around in the deer phermones. Again, just my opinion. I would love to have proof otherwise but I don't think this is gonna do it.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I don't care if you're the god damn Pope; you want a jet pack! Who doesn't!? So what's stopping you from acquiring one? You just can't go down the street to Ye Olde Rocket Belt Shoppe™ and ask for the Mach Hamill 3000™ right? WRONG! Until now, you had to be a scientistic engineer and/or a meat-headed military buffoon and millions of dollars?

TAM's lab and a whole schwack of
rocket belts for me to choose from.

Thankfully there's two choices in getting your rocket belt! TAM (Tecnolgia Aerospacial Mexicana) and Jetpack International. Take a good long hard in-depth look at both companies (your life depends on it) and make your choice from whom you'll buy your jet pack. Me? I'm going with Jet Pack International and I'll be purchasing my Jet Pack T-73 next month. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure TAM has some very nice rocket belts on the market. Do check out TAM and see what they're made of. The owner makes rocket cars, rocket jets, rocket bikes, rocket helicopters (next post), etc. and I suspect that his rocket belts are of the highest quality.

I'll be able to order the T-73 (sorry no pictures available as of yet) on December 11th of this year for $200,000. Why the T-73? Well, it is estimated to travel 27 miles (43.5 km) in about 9 minutes at a speed of approximately 83 mph (133.5 kph). They say I can get about 250 feet (76 meters) above the traffic jams. All this data is perfect for my needs. This jet pack does EVERYTHING I need it to do for my commuting needs. The videos below are not the T-73 but their original models, the H202 series which are for demonstration purposes only and not for sale. The JPI pilot, Eric Scott is a very lucky man. Can you imagine being paid to do this?

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Looksee what awsomeness my best friend John Dryden did up for me just now...I should make vinyl figurines of this design and become a vinylionaire. John...Bigfoot is known to have big feet.


Man I'd love to have one of these paintings. Go to Andrew Brandou's site to see his entire body of work. It is amazing! Reminds me of Richard Scarry and the Gold Key books that I read when I was a child. Andrew Brandou is a Los Angeles painter who has just released a series of figures based on his "sniper bunny" character (seen below).

There's an interview with Andrew about his new toyline at Vinyl Plus if you're interested in knowing more about this guy.

Friday, November 02, 2007


HOLY CRAPANOLI! Your pal Beadle just sent me a link to this. AWESOME. I'm going to get 30 of them. Click here for yours!


Lasse Klein's SUPER SWEET LAMP! It's only in the prototype conception stage at the moment but I don't think it'll be long until this thing go into full production and when it is, I'm getting 30 of them. Click here for more info!