Thursday, November 29, 2007


Look! I almost imploded when I saw this but thank god the guy was wearing sunglasses because if you look directly into the eyes of your doppleganger you implode upon yourself and explode your doppleganger. I don't know any other information other than what you see. A buddy sent it my way with the message: "Found this picture of you online and thought you had to see it. I saw it and thought, my god, Johnny's doppelganger is a Marine." UPDATE: My pal Paul added, "It's from a military forum. It's a USMC Force Recon guy. The second I saw it I was pretty surprised, of all the "it looks like so and so" that's the most separated at birth like pic I've seen in awhile."

My first reaction was that it was a photoshop job but who'd bother to waste their time photoshopping my face onto a marine/militia turkey? If you're gonna photoshop my face onto something make it something cool. Like this:

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