Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What better way to celebrate the 700th Halfsquatch post with a bit of KRUMPING via the Duncan Brothers!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ASS-SQUATCH (new photos below!)

My buddy, John Dryden writes, "I'm on another Kokanee job. The Sasquatch dude was a no show. I'm it again!!!" This is the second time Dryden has donned the Sasquatch costume (previously on Halfsquatch). By the way, I have the same sunglasses but I don't look like a complete twat when I wear mine (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm working with composer Brian Carson right now on a project. There's a scene which needed a little Polynesian flare added to it so Carson threw a little ukulele and Hawaiian slide guitar into the tune. This is his ukulele.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Thanks Craig McEwen!

Watch this amazing piece of work created by/for Philips to promote their new Cinema 21:9 television sets (I now own 5 of them and I have to admit, they're very nice). There's some "in scene" commentary moments which I wish were a bit more insightful (they're actually kinda cheesy). I'm not exactly sure how they made it but I bet they used one of those computers.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Gio Corsi and Mike Ferraro submitted some CD covers a few weeks ago and due to the fact that I'm somewhat of a doofus and extremely busy with a million other things, I'm only now getting the opportunity to show off their goods. Gentlemen, I do apologize for not posting your works earlier.

Gio Corsi turned me onto Imperious Mare's Diverse Flora & Fauna. This CD has just sold over 100 cds on their first tour of the maritime provinces. If you're not familiar with Imperious Mare, I'm not surprised. This Nova Scotian experimental prog-rock group is comprised of 5 teachers (Math, English, Drafting, Biology and Drama) from Gaetz Brook Junior High. Students liken the music to "weird old stuff." I found it reminicent of your typical late 70's early 80's prog rock bands Neu!, Tangerine Dream, Can, early Genesis, Faust and dare I even say Gentle Giant. Considering that the cd only has 1 song on it (72 minutes in length) I found it a challenge to listen to it.

Mike Ferraro threw down a whole shwack-load of new albums for me to review. Debating Society's Something Always Happens didn't turn my crank whatsoever. It sounded like they wanted to be Motley Crew and Radiohead doing Cure songs. Not good. Early Morning Migration's Someone Elses Advice wasn't too bad actually. Reminded me of Sloan (another Nova Scotian band!) and The Carpenters doing Sonic Youth songs. I listened to Sweden & The Euro's new recording last night in bed and the atmospheric ambient electronica
promptly sent me off on a one-way ticket to Dreamland. It wasn't a deep sleep though as I could hear the music lulling through my brain. I was so relaxed that at one point I actually wet the bed. Normally when I do this, I get up and change the sheets and p. jammies but the music was sooooo rich and soothing I didn't want to move. Speaking of moving, I have just been evicted from my little apartment and I'm selling a few things. Anyone need a futon?

Finally we have Shrink Film You're Making Too Much Money. BOOOOOORRING. It's like a Bad Religion album. At first I'm like "Hey this is a pretty decent punk song." Then I'm like, "Is this the same song? I think this is the same song that fills up their other 14 albums."
Then I'm like, "I need a beer." And then another voice chimes in "You always need a beer." That's why I get along with myself so good.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


I was visiting one of my favourite music sites, Passion of Indie Music and saw that I have a doppleganger (though cleaner cut and shaven) visiting that site as well!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


At Halfsquatch, I only dwell in the world of truth and do not cater to spending my time thinking of funny things to do to people. That is beneath me. So even though it is April 1st, please do not take this post as a joke. IT IS REAL.

Author Seth Grahame-Smith took advantage of the Jane Austen classic Pride & Prejudice and added zombies. The book is in the public domain so he had every right to butcher it and I'm glad he did. Grahame-Smith extracted and added to lots of the books text so that the main characters don't just sit around and yammer on and on but now they do so with zombies at the parlor doors. The publisher, Quirk Books, is planning on doing more of this and I just may jump in and try it myself. I am a successful author and I do love zombies so I should merge my writing skills and love of zombies and hatred of classics and add some much needed spice to them. I might take Moby Dick and have old what's-his-face in a jetpack.

Here's the Amazon link to Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.