Tuesday, October 03, 2006


How awesome is this? John Dryden was on a commercial shoot yesterday for Kokannee beer. Yet another "episode" of the Park Ranger chasing down the beer-snatching sasquatch. Due to an injury, the stuntman wasn't able to continue on as Sasquatch and the producers needed a back-up plan. John Dryden, the key grip for this production, came to the rescue. Halfsquatch had an exclusive interview with John, the sasquatch-come-lately late last night:

Halfsquatch: Tell us how you got to wear the suit?

John Dryden:
The stuntman who was hired to be the Kokannee Sasquatch, slipped on a wet rock by the river about 7 takes into the start of our day. I could see that everyone was desperately trying to figure out what we were going to do, so I said "I'll put the suit on and do the rest." "How tall are you?" they asked. 6'2" I said. "Alright" they said. So I put on the suit which was wet and clammy from the stunt guy's tumble into the drink and then I had to run by and knock this guys cereal out of his hand as I am running away from the Ranger with a stolen case of Kokannee.

HS: Is that it? Just one shot?

JD: No, I am also seen running down stream as the ranger is apologizing to the guy. I had to run along the river bed rocks in this suit for what I was told was 18 takes.

HS: Why no mask?

JD: A couple of things. First off, they had shot all their front shots with the stuntman. After he bailed, all the shots of the sasquatch were from the backside so I didn't need to wear it. Also, the stuntman's face was all creepy and I didn't want to wear his sweat. Also, for safety reasons. Safety first everyone, that's my motto: Safety First for fuck's sake.

HS: Any chance of making this your career full time?

JD: No. Look, this is a really boring interview.

HS: Yes it is, I couldn't agree with you more so I'm going to wrap it up with one last question. Anything else interesting happen on the shoot?

JD: No. That's it. But after we were wrapped I got flipped over on an ATV and the driver kicked me in the balls as we fell.

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HA HA HA HA HA HA... Dryden is the man!