Thursday, October 12, 2006


How cool would it be to go to a rocketbelt convention? This cool:

It may not look like a great amount but what this picture doesn't show is the height of how cool it is. Believe me, it is quite high.

"To date, only 11 men in history have free-flown a rocketbelt. More men have walked on the moon."

From Sept. 22-24 of this year, The Niagara Aerospace Museum hosted the first ever Rocketbelt Convention. A convention designed entirely around the jetpack. I'd love to have gone.

Here's a short but good article on the convention and a brief history of the rocketbelt.

Be sure to click on the video link. There's some awesome footage of 43-year-old former stuntman Eric Scott flying a rocketbelt across a city block, 40 feet in the air. CRAZY!

Here's a flickr set of photos too.

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