Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Scientists have finally teleported matter over a considerable distance.

If you like teleportation and what-have-you, then you'll love Gordon R. Dickson's 1949 classic "Time To Teleport." Dickson was the poor man's Philip K. Dick. His views about the future gave his pulp novels an air of believeability and urgency; putting his readers in situations where reality is not clearly defined. He explores the power of the brain, life, death, religion, culture and love and put all this in a dark setting that created a provocative view of the world as we now know it. In his book, "Time To Teleport" Dickson went beyond the status quo and offered a novel unlike anything written at the time.

Time To Teleport is the story of two men "at ease" with each other. In the futuristic society that they inhabit, homosexuals are bannished from terra firma have to live under the sea in a clear see-through domes. One particular day, Zacharia and Tumen, suddenly get a surprise visitation from a woman who calls herself "The Honey Sucker." She seems pleasant enough but a bit unnerving as she is just a floating decapitated head. The men are powerless as to when and where she'll appear. She just pops in whenever she wants and watches them with an eerie silence. The men try everything in their power to reason with her but find themselves at a complete loss until they resort to violence. In sheer desperation, Tumen, with a mop, climbs on Zacharia's shoulders and tries to "whap!" the detached head without success. The men try everything until they are driven crazy and the two lovers turn on each other in a fight to the death!! At the time, a scene like this was radical and unmatched in any other bout of literature, but today, it holds chilling relevance. If you can pick up a copy of this book, DO SO. It is an awesome suspense sci-fi thriller.

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