Monday, September 18, 2006


John Richardson of media activist group R Room donned some crazy digital SCUBA-wear, went into the deep end of the internet, dove down to the bottom and hauled up this juicy bit of Zappa goodness:

He wrote:
"In the 80's some movies could have been completely different.
For example Eric Stoltz was originally cast and shot scenes for Back To The Future but was quickly replaced by the less cranky Michael J. Fox. Many don't remember, but most of 1982's Zapped! was originally shot with Frank Zappa until the producers came in on the last day of shooting and said "These guy's have the same hair! We need to cut Zappa's hair". Frank Zappa refused and Scott Baio (then boyfriend of Willie AAMES) was on set and was cast immediately.
Zappa later released his version of ZAPPED which did not do as well as the now unforgettable Zapped! with Heather Thomas and Scott Baio."

The producers did the right thing here I think. I rewatched Zapped!, with the knowledge that Aames and Baio had a relationship during the filming and it clearly shows. Even if I could get over the fact that Zappa and Aames have similar hair-dos, I just don't think the chemistry between the two would be the same. Also, there's something really creepy about Zappa.

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