Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The wait is almost over. The highly anticipated pilot to Nerd Corps' latest CGI series Storm Hawks is here. This Friday, May 25th at 7:30 on the Cartoon Network be sure to tune in! I've had the pleasure of working on some of this and it is really well done. While watching some of the initial footage I kept shaking my head with awe. The art direction, the animation, the effects and the direction is awesome. The scripts are very good too and don't take themselves too seriously. They're quite a lot of fun. The "Supreme Commander" of Nerd Corps Ace Fipke (who is also the creator of Storm Hawks) once told me, " I don't want my show to take itself too seriously. I want my show to be fun. We're making cartoons here; kids can tell when the makers of the shows are having fun or not." Check out their new site (launched today) at Stormhawks.com
and see what I'm predicting to be one of the hottest properties around.

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