Monday, September 08, 2008


A new potentially-haunted house is being built near Halfsquatch Studios. I'm not sure who the architect is or what kind of ghoul-like humanoid he/she may be but I'm thinking that he/she might have a dark cloak and perhaps skeletal features (bone hands/feet; face?). Another option is that it's an older vampire-type person affiliated to the Masons. I've assigned Halfsquatch occult reporter John Dryden to investigate the house further by checking in on it now and again; going into the basement to see if any sacrificial concrete table or altar has been built into the foundation itself or any other occultish anomalies and what-have-you. When it is completed Halfsquatch will try to attend the owner's first home-warming party and find our way to its temple. My guess is that there will be a games-room in the basement and a fairly decent bookshelf which hides a secret staircase leading to a subterranean crypt-like dungeon on the right and a satanic temple to the left. There's probably a cloak room in the hall down there too as well as a small basic 2-piece bathroom (Home Depot).

The dungeon's down there on the right

and on the left is the temple
A powder room in the main hall and
outside the window: just dirt/earth.

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