Saturday, May 09, 2009


Took home a Leo Award last night for Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series with the Storm Hawks episode Stratosphere. I share the award with Steve Ball (Series Director--who also took home a Leo for Best Screenwriting on an Animated Series--congrats!), Colin Lorimer (Storyboard Supervisor) and Rasmus Norgaad (storyboarder) who all did an exceptional job at setting this episode up for me.

I didn't have a speech prepared nor did we have much time to thank everyone so here it is now.

It was a real blast to work on and a big thanks to my A.D. Colin Beadle (YEAH!), supervising animator Clint Butler (who also animated the rocket launch and the space-walk sequences), FX Supervisor Ken Tsang and his FX/compositing crew who went over-the-top to make it look fantasmo! Of course none of this wouldn't have been possible without the creative contributions by all the animators who really went the distance in making this episode shine. Design and Modeling crews also put more than an average amount of effort on this as well and I appreciate the extra work.

I was up against two good friends, Greg Richardson (for Max Steel: Bio Crisis) and Logan McPherson (The Nutty Professor II). Congrats on the nomination you guys! The other nominees were David Bowes (Jibber Jabber - Cartoon Satellite) and Rob Boutiuer, Josh Mepham, Greg Sullivan (Kid Vs Kat - Stall That Jazz, The Kitty Vanishes).

Here's the episode if you care to watch:


BEADLE said...

Congratulations Johnny ! My 10 year old nephew and I still think that was one of the best episodes of the series.

your pal,

rich johnson said...

Congrats Johnny!!


Nice work farmboy! Congrats!

John said...

Congrats Johnny! Right on!
one thing though, Greg Richardson directs Princess Barbie, not Max Steel: Bio Crisis. Please make this correction on your blog.

nate said...

thats one of my fave episodes! good job!!

Honkbarn said...

Congrats buddy! Did YOUR work actually buy you a ticket?

Griffin said...

that was not a kid vs kat episode