Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm not a big Bruce McDonald fan whatsoever. I think he's an overrated film-school quality director (but he's so cutting edge and punk! A "maverick", if you will!) but this latest movie of his does pique my interest (though the "Shut up or Die" tag-line reeks of typical McDonald stupidity though, so perhaps it is the same as the rest of his junk). There seems to be some lavish praise on it so again, I'm interested, but then again, there was massive praise for Roadkill when it came out and it is close to being one of the worst films ever made. I am willing to bet that this is going to be typical McDonald bullshit: contrived, boring, laughable, film-school-movie-with-a-budget. But I could be wrong. The one thing he finally did get right was a good D.O.P. It does look nice. What a waste of a post huh? Oh here's the link...

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Heisenberg said...

Uhh... that's pique! Glad to be of service.
-- Mr. Grammarguy