Sunday, October 31, 2010


I finally was able to dig myself out of the rubble. My house collapsed in an enormous earthquake 4 months ago and I made it out just in time for hallowe'en. I survived on nothing but cement dust and occasionally sucked on some splintered wood for some nutrients. I bathed using my own filth. Contrary to what you may expect, I just simply relaxed. It was quite nice. Nothing to do. No chores, no worries. Like a vacation and now I'm all ready to blog again unless I suffer from post traumatic stress.
So Mike Ferraro, game designer, chopper builder and an all around handsome man, kicked Hallowe'en right in the fucking balls with this work of art!

Turns out this mug's popped up on numerous sites across the entire world wide web (  Here's Mike's Youtube video of the mask in action.

Then there's good old John Dryden. Last year he was a douchebag...

...but this year he outdoes himself as Adolph Hipster!


Honkbarn said...

Good to see your back with the posting. I've had to settle for Readers Digest since June. btw is available.

Ferraro said...

Dryden's Hitler cracked me up, and then I discovered Hipster Hitler dot com is actually a thing, and that cracked me up even more.

Also, 'mask'? It's just a zipper glued to my face. Which made it kind of insulting when a girl came up and--trying to figure it out--touched my totally plain real-life cheek and recoiled in horror.

CAMacKinnon said...

Welcome back!

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