Thursday, June 15, 2006


My beautiful girly girl Kamala won an award last night at the Greater Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Awards for Community Leadership. She was up against 12 other nominees some of whom (according to Kamala) deserved the award more than herself. For the past few years, Kamala has been instrumental in bringing to light the importance and value of the aboriginal people in Vancouver. The more voice the aboriginal community has, the more presence it is given, the greater the entire city becomes. Click on the first two images for video!


Anonymous said...

You're so cool Kamala!!! What a wonderful speach. You're beautiful, inside and out! Congratulations!

Sofia and Jackie

Anonymous said...


You are so goddamn articulate
and with your powerful words.
Your gifts speak for themself.

Love you cousin.
Doug sends his congrats too!
Very happy for you!!!

Anisa and Doug