Saturday, June 03, 2006


d hFor a few weeks, Jared and I had been scouring Earth from virtual-orbit to find the optimum camping spot. 3 requirements: 1) lake for kayaking, 2) away from civilization, 3) Sasquatch territory. We finally found it with Lake Chehalis. We set a date and stuck to it despite the fact that I had an incredible amount of work to do leading up to (and should have included) that weekend. While I worked non-stop for literally days and nights, Jared was out grabbing everything we'd need. Andrew Duncan joined us last minute and we were off. The weather was damp and drizzly but it made the terrain and our surroundings more dramatic and kept the people away. We had the ENTIRE LAKE to ourselves and it's a big lake. We found a spot and thought it looked prime but weren't sure if it was an actual site but we took it anyways. The ranger came that night and she told us we had "the best damn spot on the lake." Next day we busted out the kayaks scoping out the distant shore sniffin' for 'squatch. We also established a new organization called Adventure People! with our battle-cry "Living Your Dreams Come True!" If you or anyone you know wants to join Adventure People just let us know and we'll direct you onto the right path so that you too can be living your dreams come true.

Johnny floats 300 feet above Earth's surface.

Andrew enjoys the fresh air.

We make an amazing discovery! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!? I'm not making this up. We found this "footprint" along a sand-bar. The rest of the area is all rocky and this was just one little patch of sand.

We discover another startling mystery!!! Someone has defiled this amazing campground with one of our gang decals! THE SNAKES!!! That IS one of our gang's decals! WHO DID THIS!??!?! HOW AWESOME!!! Seen here: Jared & Johnny, key-members of "The Snakes" give each other the "Snake-bite" gang-shake.

The Xterra loaded to the rims with gear.

I'm a tool. I've always wanted one of these casts since I was a kid so I made one for fun. I used up all the plaster of paris making this bullshit wannabe so I couldn't make a cast of the "real" one we found later in the day. I guess the lesson here is to bring more plaster of paris. That or why make bullshit?

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