Friday, September 28, 2007


No joke, but I am seriously considering buying one of these electric cars. It's by a company called Aptera and the vehicles should be on the streets this time next year. I'm not sure about Canada though, so I'm holding my fully-refundable reservation deposit ($500) until I hear back from them. Check it out!!! Their website is a bit too Flash heavy and you have to deal with a bunch of splash pages as it loads etc. but eventually you'll get to the meat & potatoes.

(From their website:) The Aptera has a 2 plus 1 seating configuration. The two front seats are arranged as standard side by side seating. There is also a center infant seat behind the driver and passenger. The side doors open to the front and upward completely inside the front wheel track so you never have to worry about hitting the vehicle parked next to you or damaging your door while exiting your Aptera in a tight garage. There is enough storage in the rear for 15 bags of groceries, or 2 full size golf club bags. And the Aptera is even big enough for a couple of seven foot surf boards and any associated beach accessories.


- Driver and passenger side Airbags

- Energy absorbing and impact deflecting passenger Safety Cell (whatever the hell that is?!?)

- Advanced drive computer with GPS navigation, CD/MP3/DVD player, XM satellite radio, Large View Rear Camera, and complete vehicle diagnostic system

- "Eyes Forward" vision system with 180 degree rear sight picture displayed in the driver's field of view to enhance situational awareness

- LED interior and exterior lighting for maximum energy efficiency

- Solar assisted Climate Control System so you always enter a comfortable Aptera that is never too hot or cold

- And an RFID(Radio Frequency ID) key fob so you never have to pull out your keys to enter or start your Aptera. The key fob simply remains in your pocket or purse. Even Cpt. James T. Kirk didn't have this kind of technology.

Here is where you have an option (drive topology):

Do you want to drive long distances or do you just want to use your Aptera for your daily commute, chores, and as a general around town vehicle?

- All Electric – This Aptera is powered exclusively with batteries and will get you around town to the tune of approximately 120 miles depending on your driving conditions. At night you simply plug the Aptera into any standard 110 volt outlet and in just a few hours you will have a fully charged vehicle that will take you another 120 miles. The approximate cost of this option with all the features listed above will be $26,900.

- Plug-in Series Hybrid – This Aptera is also powered by an electric drive train but it is assisted by a fuel efficient gasoline powered generator which stretches your range significantly. In typical driving you may achieve over 300 miles per gallon and you will have range far beyond any passenger vehicle available today. The approximate cost of this option with all the features listed above will be $29,900.

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