Friday, October 26, 2007


Here's my composite rendering of the Busey Squid. Just in time for Hallow's Eve!!!


Yeeeesh! Look what some oceanographers found in the great depths of the Atlantic! They're calling this little toothy guy (25 mm) Promachoteuthis sulcus but I don't know what its "street name" is so I'm calling it a Busey Squid after Gary Busey. Here's a link for some more official information on the creature (the squid...not Gary).

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The earlier post of the Jacob's Creature looks like it's turning out to be a poor old mama bear with mange.

Thanks to "anonymous" for this image. I don't know whose it is but thanks!


All my life I've been interested in bigfoot. Since I was 5 I've been fascinated by the idea that a wild giant humanoid ape lives in the mountains and forests of North America. I remember what started it: In Search Of... and soon after, in grade 1, I had to choose a topic to research and of course I chose bigfoot. This project is sitting within arm's reach of me as I write.

click the project's book cover for the entire project!!!

Sometime around this time my family took a trip back to Vancouver, British Columbia to visit relatives and I was thrilled to know that I would be heading towards a bigfoot hotspot, the Pacific Northwest! I remember on the flight a stewardess (that's what they were called back then) asked if I would like to come up and visit the captain in the cockpit as we flew over the Rockies. I couldn't believe the view and I can vividly recall hoping that I might catch a glimps of a sasquatch mucking about on the side of the mountain. I was 5ish okay!!?

Last year, my friend Brett Carslon, gave me a book; The Bigfoot Casebook by Janet & Colin Bord (1982).
Inside this book is a chronological list of over 1000 recorded sightings of the creature starting from 1818 to 1980. I read each of these accounts and found myself bored out of my tree! THAT'S RIGHT! BORED! 75% of the accounts were extremely uneventful and that's when it dawned on me; Bigfoot does exist because of these completely non-fascinating events! Here's an excerpt:

6 Sept. 1818 / Ellisburgh, NY / "Gentleman" / Saw hairy "animal" which ran away. / Exeter Watchman 22 Sept. 1818, located by Howard Koval, NJ.

Others include:

1914 / Churchville, MD / Boy (8) / Saw Bigfoot sitting on log behind his home / ...

1924 / Nr Flagstaff, AZ / Woman & her mother / Watched Bigfoot in garden take corn and turnips / ...

1930s / Nr Alert Bay, BC / Ellen Neal / Saw Bigfoot walk along beach and into trees / ...

Early 1940s / Nr Coombes, Vancouver Is., BC / Alex Oakes / Bigfoot ran across road in front of witness's car / ...

Sept. 1953 / Nr Courtenay, Vancouver Is., BC / Jack Twist / At dusk saw 8-ft Bigfoot on road ahead; it moved into forest / ...

1959 / Wind River, WA / Deputy Sheriff of the Dalles Sheriff's Dept / Saw Bigfoot coming through the trees as he was fishing; it saw him and turned away / ...

And it goes on! Sure there's some accounts where the witness fired his rifle at the creature but most of these accounts are as such:

c.1951 / Nr Boston, GA / Woman & husband / Dogs cornered hairy giant on house porch; husband shot at it but it ran away / ...

Again, nothing really crazy! I mean come on! Your reputation's on the line here people! You're going to get laughed at! If you're going to make something up, make it exciting! Make it FANTASTIC! Make it blogworthy for christ-almighty-in-a-chicken-basket's sake! Here's my sighting:

1990 / Harrison, BC / Johnny Darrell / Tent hauled off into woods by Bigfoot; witness climbed out of tent and maced the fucker with pepperspray but was unsuccessful. Bigfoot and witness wrestled for an hour on the side of a cliff until he was able to kick the creature off where it fell to its death; its head exploding like a pumpkin. 4 smaller-sized Bigfoot creatures seen dragging the lifeless body into the woods. / ...

See!? Isn't that more awesome?! WWAAAAY more exciting than that Sheriff deputy or woman and husband's story. So that's my point.

I've met and interviewed quite a few people who claim to have seen bigfoot. There's a grandmother and her grandson. A trucker. A hunter. Many of them were just ordinary people who had seen something that isn't in the zoology books. They saw something that scientists and most people say doesn't exist. "It was a large ape-like hairy man. It wasn't a bear." "It was walking on the side of the road." "It was eating berries from my garden for about 10 minutes and then it walked away." "I saw 2 of them sitting on the edge of a pond eating leaves." Boooooring.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Last October I told my wife Kamala that by the end of next year, I am willing to bet that there will be some new photographs or video footage of a sasquatch that will have people scratching their heads. Everyone's carrying cameras these days, be it on their cellular telephone machines or compact cameras. Here's the latest head-scratching evidence of North America's primate:

This is one of two photos (there may be more) taken by deer hunter R. Jacobs on Sept. 16th who placed his motion-sensing camera (with infra-red flash) behind his house to photograph deer that might be using the trail. Be sure to read the full article from the BFRO here!!! Very exciting news for Bigfoot researchers and scientists everywhere.

Finally some photos that are not some kind of "blobsquatch." Someone mentions in the BFRO comments that the creature looks to be taking the form of a felled tree stump. This is quite relevant in that a number of years ago, Andrew Duncan, Craig McEwen and I went on a sasquatch hunting trip with a hunter who claims to have seen many sasquatches. He told us that one time he saw one try to hide itself by crouching and splaying its arms and hands out to its side in order to resemble a tree stump. He said it would have been very effective had he not seen the creature do this.

I'm looking forward to following this further and will let you know what's going on! Hey, Jane Goodall thinks there's enough evidence for sasquatch's existence.


This Atlanta-based artist takes books (among other things) and dissects them within the confines of their bindings leaving selected images and text at varying depths. The results are spectacular.
Check out more of his book autopsies here! He is also the artist responsible for the very cool Melted Heavy Metal Cassette Tape Skulls that I've been wanting for 500 years.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


40 years ago today, Roger Patterson filmed what many consider to be the most authentic proof of a sasquatch's existence. The Patterson Bigfoot footage and the Zapruder Kennedy Assassination films are the most widely reviewed movies ever and unlike Zapruder's film, Patterson's film has not been manipulated, edited or doctored (more on that in another post).

Over on cryptologist Loren Coleman's site CRYPTOMUNDO there's some groovy stuff posted.


Friday, October 12, 2007


Your pal Colin Beadle sent me me a link to this toilet thingy today while at work and I thought..."hmmmmm, amusing to be sure. I'll go and see him about this; see what's on his mind." When I got there I said something along the lines of "Hey, that's a crazy thing" to which he replied "Yeah, pretty much every home in Japan has one of these." Colin had just returned from a trip to Japan with his wife. I asked him "So does the thing work?" to which he replied "Oh man. ABSOLUTELY!" Then another guy at work said "They rock! If I could get one I would. I used them in Tokyo and I swore I'd never go back to toilet paper!" A third fellow then said "They're the best!" So there you have it! I got three 1st-person testimonies on how this baby sings!!!! I'm gonna get one! Check it out here!

David Icke on Aspartame

Sure the guy has some crazy ideas (ie Lizards from the 4th Dimension) but he also impresses me with a lot of the things he talks about. Check out this video and the one below...

David Icke On Wogan

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Holy crap. Sometimes I feel like I'm traveling along my own wormhole. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about artist Ryan Heshka and the next day, after not thinking about him for a long time, I see his poster on the side of a bus stop. Now that poster is gone and I haven't seen another since. Then last night, I was on Rotten Tomatoes, checking things out and I thought to myself, "I wonder how the critics liked Donnie Darko?" So I checked it out. Then I thought to myself "I wonder what the writer/director Richard Kelly is up to?" but it was just a fleeting thought as I didn't bother to google further info. Then, on my buddies site Gio Channel, the very next morning there it is! Southland Tales. Looks interesting!

Friday, October 05, 2007


I gotta get one of these! It doesn't say anywhere whether there's external video output (it would be great if it could) but none-the-less, this water-proof (up to 10') camera can get you see stuff that you normally can't or shouldn't!! There are 10' extension cables available and the end of the camera cable itself has adjustable LED lights for those dark spots. Click here for more specs.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


The Duncan Bros. have something on their face...