Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Halfsquatch correspondent, and occasional Halfsquatch reader, John Dryden has informed me that contractors just finished building a brand new haunted house in the Hastings East district. John writes:

"Just down the street from me, a guy built 2 houses on one lot. One of the houses is plain and fits well with the neighborhood. The other looks like a pre-fab haunted house. They've done everything they could to get this place haunted! First: An Indian burial ground was dug up and used as the foundation. Of course, removing the headstones, and leaving the bodies. Next, They have sold the home to a family whose teenage son worships Satan. They have included a secret room in the basement that is painted red and the walls are embedded with human skulls! (A map to the room is hidden in the attic.) Due to the several rotting corpses under the house, it will soon be infested with flies and eventually the teen will have to kill his entire family because they are the devil. Once all the blood has been cleaned up and the secret room re-sealed, the house will be sold again to another white family who will in turn be driven from the house due to the paranormal activities and dead fish-eyed, bloated clowns under all the beds. I'm just a block or two away and I'll be able to watch all this unfold! Very exciting!"

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