Thursday, July 10, 2008


Earlier this week I posted about the Dept. of Homeland "Security"'s new EMD wristbands which are given to passengers boarding planes. They claim that this would speed up security checks and what-not. But it dawned on me that there's a better idea: Why not just issue these out to every citizen of the U.S.of A.? Make it a law that they have to wear one of these at all times. It would carry all their identification and their bank card information, etc! You'd never have to carry a stupid wallet ever again! It could even be fashionable by incorporating a wrist-watch and bling! If you were ever caught without one, you'd have to be shot dead on the spot. Why just airport security DHS?! What about buses with bombs on them that'll explode if it slows down? What about car-jackers!? Unruly skateboarders and people taking pictures of stuff on public property? If you're visiting America, you'd have to wear one too, but it would look somewhat different so American citizens would know that you're a foreigner and potentially dangerous.

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