Thursday, July 03, 2008


Thanks Gio Channel

I am with much delight and pent-up rage that The Goon, my favourite comic, is going to be a CG animated feature! Delighted that it's got Fincher at the helm and that it's going to be CGI. Irked to my core because about 6 years ago, I had approached my superiors at Mainframe to tell them that the rights to this comic may be available and that we should acquire them if they were. My "superiors" said, "Naaaa...I don't doesn't look like it's something that people would like." "Are you kidding me?! It's got zombies, car chases, fighting, giant monsters, humour out the ying-yang! What's there not to like!?! Get the rights!! You missed your chance at getting the Hellboy rights! GET THE GOON!" To their credit they did look into the options and they were available but they still said "Naaaa. No one would like it."

At that time, Darkhorse was allowing some Australian-based rendering software company (some off-shoot of Renderman) to use The Goon's likeness for a bunch of tests they were doing. They weren't producing anything for broadcast; just testing their new rendering software.

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