Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been hearing lots about the year 2012 over the past few years and decided to read up on the subject. I just picked up this book by Daniel Pinchbeck on the weekend and am enjoying it. Basically, most of the ancient indigenous cultures saw life in cycles and most of those cycles, according to their "predictions" are coming to an end. As Pinchbeck explains, the year 2012 is not the end of THE world, but the end of A world. A major paradigm shift is approaching the human psyche and as a result, we may be entering a new phase of understanding of just how world works and our inter-connections with each other and the environments we live in.

We as a society rely so much on goods provided to us and have access to anything we want the one thing we fail to access or have lost is our deeper connection to the natural forces that our ancestors knew. Scientists provide for us theories of relativity, black holes, string theories, etc. These modern theories are no different than myths; proposed thoughts and ideas of how the world works. For thousands of years, our ancestors lived more attuned to our environment and the result was thousands of years of sustainability. Their myths of how the world worked are just as valid as the theories proposed in Hawking's Brief History of Time.

In just 200 or so years, our current Western culture has abused our environment so drastically that we're freaking out about sustainability and the future of the environment and humanity etc. Is it time that we start to detach ourselves from our current understanding of the world and reacquaint ourselves with indigenous philosophies?

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