Friday, October 09, 2009


The other night my black cat puked on my lap. I wondered if it was bad luck. Turns out it was good luck because I just saw Muhammad Ali!! I was getting into work a tad late and I heard cheers coming from the Lululemon headquarters (which is just next door). I then heard someone on a microphone asking questions like "What was Muhammad Ali's birth name?" and "Who did he fight in The Rumble In The Jungle?" Knowing that The Greatest is in town I thought, "What are the chances he's here?" So I popped up to Lululemon and saw a little stage with boxing gloves sitting under a chair and a small crowd had gathered behind a velvet rope. I then knew that he'd be coming! After waiting about half-an-hour, he arrived! How fucking incredibly awesome is that?! I was literally 10 feet away from The King! Sorry about the low-quality of these iPhone photos. WHY COULDN'T I HAVE MY NIKON!?

Muhammad Ali is seated on the stage.

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