Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've been trying and trying to find something new to listen to that makes me say "YEAH! THAT'S HAUNTED!" for quite some time. I've tried soooo many bands in the last few years that are supposed to be "the bomb" but AHhhhhhh, balony! Wolf Parade have something going on that I like, but they're still not it! Let's see...Spoon's last two albums pale in comparison to Girl's Can Tell. Sebastien Tellier just released Sessions which is great but come on, it's not fucking rock & roll. Neither is Boards of Canada! Sure I like the new album, but I could really fall asleep listening to them despite how great they are. It's just not rockin so therefore I haven't been! UNTIL NOW!

For about a month or two I've been completely stunned into stiffness with TAPES 'N TAPES. They've got it all! Catchy hooks, unexpected turns, plot-twisters, crazy instrumentation choices, great lyrics, and just awesome fun. Move over Arcade Fire. People seem to say Pixies but there's more raw unpolished musical experimentation going on here. Not one single song on their first lp The Loon is skippable. It's god-damn time someone came out and stirred shit up for me. I was getting depressed to tell you the truth!

Speaking of stirred shit and music; Chris Cunningham, after 6 years of not doing music videos, came out with a great new video for UK band The Horrors not too long ago and despite how simple it is, it has inspired me greatly and has got me thinking about getting back into making them rock videos. And hey! I discovered how awesome The Horrors are! I can't wait to hear more stuff from them. If you have the 7" let me know so I can come over to your place, launch a squid right into your face and take it from you. Their My Space site has a track called Count In Fives which is fantastic!

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