Friday, August 25, 2006

IT'S A BOY!!!!?

Kamala, Kai and I are happy and excited to announce the arrival of our SON?!?! Ultrasound folks told our midwives it was a girl so we were "all helmets are GO!" for a baby girl. We were prepared to announce the arrival of Lola Sue Todd-Darrell but he tricked us all. We have no names for the little guy in mind as of yet and we have 30 days to find him a good one. When we were expecting a girl, we asked Kai for suggestions and his two choices were "Sponge Bob Idiot Pants" and "Muscleman." We laughed and said not very appropriate for a little girl. I guess we could now consider these really cool names. Thanks to Kai's grandma Loretta (Kookum) for helping prepare our home for the big event and to Kevin for looking after Kai and being a good friend during this event.

Kamala's water broke this morning at 8am but mild contractions didn't occur until about 3 o'clock. The contractions went into overdrive and by 4:45ish we called the midwife and told her to get over. She arrived at 5:30 and told Kamala to get into the pool (we inflated a kid's pool in our living room). She inspected her and found that she was fully dilated and could deliver any time. Kamala went into PRIMAL GIRL 3000 and pushed the sweet little guy out at 5:54.

He was a whopper! 10 pounds 2 ounces. 60 cm (23 inches) in length and BLUE. The midwives (Tracy and Linda) were stellar. Because of the speed and intensity of the labour, the boy found himself in a situation where the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Tracy handled the situation perfectly and he is perfect. He was brought up onto Kamala's chest and we welcomed our girl. Moments later we saw the goods. He has a good strong latch and he and Kamala are doing really well.


minutes old - getting pinker

the boys

first latch!


Anonymous said...

Congrats guys. He's beautiful.

As for names - it's a no-brianer - how 'bout :
"A Boy Named Sue"

Much love, Hilary

Sarah said...

Congratulations you guys! Great news!

Clan Mussellam said...

HOLY CRAP! I thought I had a big baby at 9 pounds 4oz. Well done Kamala! I am fond of the name Muscleman but around here we prefer the spelling to be Mussellam!! hahahah Hope you are all doing well and are nursing and pooping like champs! well, the baby anyway NOT you Johnny!

Anonymous said...

Amazing job at 10lbs 2oz... and so quickly. Congrats guys.

Well....for names....I'm with Kai's cool choice of "Muscleman" otherwise here's one for thought from my roots "Sukhwinder".

Makes "Muscleman" seem quite attractive, doesn't it.

Love Rav,Bahaneh and Teja.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!! Congratulations to you all! TEN POUNDS must be CREE!

we love the pictures! great latch - must be CREE!

just kidding. much love and look forward to updates.

we miss you all!

vera, storm and grace

Anonymous said...

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