Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Just finished editing a music video for Red1 (Vancouver hip-hop artist from The Rascalz). It's a HUGE battle between break-dancers and Krumpers! Who will be victorious? Watch the video and with your votes (comments) we'll all see just who wins this WAR! Please note the main difference between the two dance gangs. The break dancers seem to slide their spare quarters to keep their clothes clean whereas the krumpers drop mad quarters to keep their high scores...Whose side are youse on?!
click on image for video (03:40 - 8 mb)


Anonymous said...

Breaker Breaker all the way Good Buddy. Krumpin is for foolz.

Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny,

It looks sick! I can't wait to see it on TV..

I love the Bboys.. :)

And Red1 reps that side too.. :)

MC K-Wag said...

Phat track homes.