Friday, August 18, 2006


So there I was, eastbound on Broadway, stopped at a light on Burrard. I was sitting there grooving to an excellent song Toxic by Brittany Spears when suddenly, across the road I saw it! A ZOMBIE about to attack an unsuspecting pedestrian. In an adrenaline induced panic, I frantically got out my camera to film it but the light had just changed and the cars behind me were as unforgiving as zombies can be. I was just barely able to get any footage at all. Below is the unedited footage. ACHTUNG! Not for the squeamish!!!!

click image for quicktime (00:05 - 136 kb)

I sent the footage to the Scientist Dept. at Capilano College for further analysis. They took about a week to break the footage down and have it properly analyzed. Their results are startling to say the least!
click image for quicktime (00:22 - 604 kb)


Heisenberg said...

This looks exactly like the zombie who was posted on the grassy knoll and likely fired the third, fatal shot. Proof at last! Proof at last! Thank God Almighty, proof at last!

Buckley said...


I'm heading to Canadian Tire right now to get a chainsaw, then to the East End....... I'll take each and eveyone of those buggers out if it's the last thing I do!