Friday, July 28, 2006


Sometimes I see something that makes me think that I should just pack it all in, buy a dump truck call myself a "ya-hoo" and sell giant dried sea-cucumbers to passer-by tourists on the side of the highway. This is one of those things.

click image for link

Then there's Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. After watching this I figured the best thing for me to do was to call myself "granny" and learn how to macromay and make really interesting toilet paper cozies and whatnot to sell at various craft fairs.

click image for link then go to the Selected Works > Warhammer Intro

Well, I'm depressed. Wanna see what I can make with my computer? Check it out!!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've been trying and trying to find something new to listen to that makes me say "YEAH! THAT'S HAUNTED!" for quite some time. I've tried soooo many bands in the last few years that are supposed to be "the bomb" but AHhhhhhh, balony! Wolf Parade have something going on that I like, but they're still not it! Let's see...Spoon's last two albums pale in comparison to Girl's Can Tell. Sebastien Tellier just released Sessions which is great but come on, it's not fucking rock & roll. Neither is Boards of Canada! Sure I like the new album, but I could really fall asleep listening to them despite how great they are. It's just not rockin so therefore I haven't been! UNTIL NOW!

For about a month or two I've been completely stunned into stiffness with TAPES 'N TAPES. They've got it all! Catchy hooks, unexpected turns, plot-twisters, crazy instrumentation choices, great lyrics, and just awesome fun. Move over Arcade Fire. People seem to say Pixies but there's more raw unpolished musical experimentation going on here. Not one single song on their first lp The Loon is skippable. It's god-damn time someone came out and stirred shit up for me. I was getting depressed to tell you the truth!

Speaking of stirred shit and music; Chris Cunningham, after 6 years of not doing music videos, came out with a great new video for UK band The Horrors not too long ago and despite how simple it is, it has inspired me greatly and has got me thinking about getting back into making them rock videos. And hey! I discovered how awesome The Horrors are! I can't wait to hear more stuff from them. If you have the 7" let me know so I can come over to your place, launch a squid right into your face and take it from you. Their My Space site has a track called Count In Fives which is fantastic!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


When Andrew Duncan and Melanie Snagg said they were getting married, Craig McEwen got to work. Using his powers of sleuthing, Craig knew that Andrew must have shot a bunch of video when he was a kid, so he called Andrew's childhood friend Mike for some dirt. Mike delivered. Craig phoned me one day and said "You have to get over here right now. No questions. Get here immediately." I hung up the phone and raced over. When I got there, Craig looked like a ghost and I asked him if he was alright. He gave me a beer and told me to sit down and shut up. Then he pushed play. We both sat there with our jaws wide open. Hours of footage. Brutal. It was a train-wreck and we knew we had to do something with it.

We decided to raid Andrew & Mel's photo albums and build a story that would lead up to our video treasure. We edited it together a week prior to the wedding and played there in front of hundreds of family and friends. Here is the video.

click on image for the Quicktime (08:19 - 6.3 mb)

Before the Deep Dark Secret was finally revealed, we asked if anyone had any idea as to what the secret could be. No one could guess. Andrew didn't have a clue so we continued on with the video's secret. As soon as the first frame filled the screen, Andrew made his way to the door and left. He didn't want to come back and it was up to Greg to convince him to return for the rest of the humiliation.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Check out the latest sasquatch aquisition! Found this at an antique mall in Fort Langley. It's made out of plutonium or maybe even pewter. Don't know, don't care. It's a sasquatch souvenir from Harrison Hot Springs which, by my sources, dates back to the late 1560's. His face looks like he's a real hippy thinking to himself "Oh yeah, man, like I'm totally trippin' these tourists they don't know if I'm real or not...well, keep on truckin' or whatever man!."

Good score. Good score!

Speaking of good scores, listen to this. In late November my mom passed away and the day after she died, my family was going through a bunch of things at my parent's house. My nieces found some tucked-away boxes with their names on them and inside were a bunch of christmas presents. My mom would have bought these gifts months and months prior. There was a bag with my name on it and inside was this:
The best tiki I could ever find! It's made out of solid sonowood ( i think) and stands about 12". She found it somewhere and was saving it for me for Christmas. It was so cool to see everyone open up these boxes and find all these awesome gifts from my mom. I have about 100 tikis and this is by far the coolest one I own. I don't even keep it with those other hobo tikis. No, he sits up here with me in my loftice with the bigfoots.