Thursday, November 16, 2006


Can we talk grilled cheese sangwiches for a moment? If you're anything like me, then you love grilled cheese sangwiches. I'm really into eating them. I'm into making them, and I'm into eating them. Kamala is always saying to me, "Hey guy, can you slap a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches on the pan for Kai and I?" and then Kai runs around in circles in anticipation for one of my sangwiches yelling "Can you make mine a magic inside-out?" That's right. MAGIC. INSIDE- OUT. Now a magician never gives away his trick but I'm not a magician. This is a magician:

So now that we know that I'm not a magician of any sort, I will reveal my MAGIC INSIDE OUT GRILLED CHEESE SANGWICH directions.

1. Take two slabs of bread. Butter one side of each slice.
2. Make some thin slices of cheddar (DO NOT USE PROCESS CHEESE FOOD) and put them aside.
3. Grill the buttered side of both slabs of bread at the same time until they are golden brown.
4. Take the grilled bread out of the pan and put them onto a plate, grilled side facing up.
5. Immediately put the cheese onto the hot grilled bread and put the other piece of bread, grilled side down onto the cheese.
6. Let sit for a moment so that the cheese melts.
7. Eat your Magic Inside-Out grilled cheese sangwich.

You might say "uhhhh..." and what I say to that is this:

1. Your fingers don't get greasy.
2. The bread's outer layer is soft and steamed with a crispy centre.

Kai said to me "It's like biting into a cloud and then eating an angel!" Now I tell you, it doesn't get any more magical than that...unless that angel was riding a winged unicorn.

Your typical, traditional, run-of-the-mill
grilled cheese sangwich served barbarian-style.

Halfsquatch's dignified, refined and
classier version of the same sangwich.

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