Saturday, November 25, 2006


Last century, Craig McEwen and I were commissioned to create a music video for STRAPPING YOUNG LAD's single "Detox." We shot this in a crappy warehouse in New Westminster. The drummer for SYL is Gene Hoglan and while setting up for the video and I was putting Gene's drum kit together when John Dryden, our DOP, came up to me and said "You should put some Brasso on those [cymbals]. It'll shine 'em up real good. I saw some [cymbals] shined up real nice on another music video and they used Brasso. Go get some Brasso or you're an idiot." I took his advice because he said he had used Brasso on the cymbals for Sex With Nixon's "Sally's Ride" music video and they did shine nicely, so I went and got some Brasso. Just after applying a coat of Brasso to each cymbal, Gene comes into the "studio" and inspects his drum kit. He sees me buffing the cymbals and asks, "What are you using? What's this white shit?" I tell him "Brasso." He says to me "Tell me you're joking." Keep in mind that the man is a very HUGE intimidating man with a skull-capped cane and a drummer for the death metal bands "Death", "Dark Angel" and even drummed for "Slayer." I say "No, I'm not joking...err..." He shook his head and said that I had just ruined his cymbals. That felt really good. Afterwards, John Dryden came up to me and said "Uhhh, yeah, maybe it was something else we used."

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