Thursday, November 30, 2006


The year is 2186. Cops and bad guys use lasers in a world gone laser-crazy. A bad guy has a laser-sword(trademark) and there's only one space-cop who can save him: SPACE COP!

I went to film school at a crappy college in Ontario. One fellow student, John Benedikty, fancied himself "the next George Lucas" (why he'd want to emulate GL I have no idea), and started filming things on his own using super-8 film including this classic, SPACE COPS. Watch this film. It has everything anyone would want in a film. While watching, please take special note in the amazing special fx! Mr. Benedikty hand scratched, frame by frame, every effect you see here; the laser gun blasts and the laser-swords(trademark) by scatching the emulsion and painting each frame of film by hand, just like George Lucas did for Star Wars. Go get yourself some popcorn, sit back and let Eagal Productions take you to another galaxy which is very, very far away...

1 kabillion apologies for the quality of the footage. It is a super-8 transfer
to 1/2" video which has then been transferred to video a number of
times and now digitized and compressed.

Mr. Benedikty says, in the credits, that the soundtrack is unavailable. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! I'm sure someone has a SPACE COPS soundtrack bit torrent somewhere.

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George said...

That was great! I'm guessing you were the badguy that looked like a chick?
Corey Feldman's light sword (tm) fight was the best!