Friday, December 01, 2006


I hope I don't get any sass for posting this!!! My buddy Greg "Raspyboy" Richardson, got this extremely illegal snap of him & Andrea Martin. He was working with her on the extremely tight-lipped animated feature he's directing.

"Who cares if I only have a half-formed semi-gay's Andrea Martin! We recorded her on Monday for the new Barbie movie. It was funny stuff; I was asking her about the Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town sketch she did with John Candy and she did the "Hello fish" thing she used to do at the start of that show - if you remember she did it in a comically deep and loud voice as she basically yelled at her fish in its little fishbowl. Good times."

Mrs. Falbow with Galoshes

In this exclusive Halfsquatch interview, I asked Greg about the other SCTV alumni he's had the pleasure of working with.

Greg: "I've now worked with Andrea, Catherine O'Hara and Martin Short. Though I never met the man, I risked my life once to steal a John Hemphill (aka Happy Marsden) continuity polaroid from the set of "Maniac Mansion" and gave it to you as a gift.

Halfsquatch: "Oh yeah. That was awesome. He was dressed up as "Lenny" from the episode "Raging Lenny." He was all beat up with black eyes. I loved that photo but I lost it.

Greg: You're an idiot.

I haven't met many people who really thought Maniac Mansion was any good. I thought it was pretty funny (though it was made for families so it was a bit "safe" and sometimes you'd have to watch some filler crap to get to the gold). Joe Flaherty and Eugene Levy not only acted in the series but they had a hand in its creation, the directing and writing (In the episode "The Attack Of Killer Keifer," the family is watching a terrible low-budget, sci-fi B-movie on television. The space hero uses a large hand-held magnet to pull an alien's raygun away (using fishing line) and says "Magnetism Zoltar! It don't get no better than this!") I have a copy of one of the episodes so I'll digimatize some scenes and post them. You'll smile, you'll see.

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