Sunday, December 03, 2006


A while back, I met a man named Chad Deetken. He is a local fella who is an authority on crop circles. I met him through some sasquatch folk. Chad's a really nice guy and knows a number of people in the UFO community. One of these folks is a fella named Lloyd Pye. Since early 1999, Lloyd has been the caretaker of a very unusual skull -- the Starchild skull.

Lloyd Pye holds an "alien" skull

In 2001, the skull was shipped to Vancouver so that Chad could have DNA tests of the skull at UBC. I got Chad's number and called him, asking if he'd mind me shooting some footage of the skull. I went to his house in Kits and filmed about an hours worth of footage. While there, Tim the Yowie Man showed up along with Stephen Harvey, the main subject for Craig McEwen, Andrew Duncan's and my soon to be released sasquatch documentary. You'll see Stephen Harvey at the end during the credits. Listen to his thoughts and his wisdomous insight as he encounters the Starchild for his first time. I don't really have any clue whether this is an alien hybrid or not, but I can assure you that the skull is real, and it hasn't been fabricated out of other skulls.

click the x-ray for Quicktime (06:24 - 14 mb)

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