Thursday, December 14, 2006


Here's a link to GoogleVideo where you can GO BEHIND THE SCENES to the Tony Hawk in Boom Boom Sabotage movie that I co-wrote and directed. These puppies are available only on what is called "the web."

There's 5 little spotlights on various aspects of the movie:

1. Spotlight on Mike McKinlay
2. Tony Hawk's motion-capture shoot
3. Visual Development
4. Art & Design
5. "Street skating" motion-capture shoot

There's also the original teaser trailer and the first animation test footage that was done about 5 or 6 years ago. The test footage was originally created for a major studio who was interested in buying a series but they had concerns about how good the motion-capture would be and asked Mainframe to show them a technical test. Unfortunately, some executive from MF thought that it should be fully rendered instead of giving just the requested tech test and by doing so, the buyer took one look at it, figured that this was how the final product would look and said "NO THANK YOU!"

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