Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Decades ago, Craig McEwen and I had a company called Weinerboy (more on this soon). We did music videos, multi-media work, print and graphic work, editing, projections for live concerts etc. The one thing we were really into was stock footage and we amassed a whole basement full of various tapes and films. One day, Cossette Communications called us. They needed a quick, short video that would help them pitch something to some big client. They gave us 800 clams and wanted it done in 2 days. This was back before home computers were the super-powers that they are now and gear was crap (we basically had to give the 800 bucks to some on-line guy to deliver the final product) but we somehow did it. Due to the restrictions and tight deadline I don't think it was very good and we thought, "Well, they'll never call Weinerboy again!"

A few months later, we were proven wrong. They called us again saying "We need to pitch to some big client in 2 days and we want a video to accompany the pitch!" We took the job. Cossette wanted to draw a client to British Columbia and wanted the video to show how diverse and great the province and Vancouver was. Craig and I went to work and produced a little video. Again, really tight deadline, little money, very heavy crappy gear, a twisted ankle and no sleep. We delivered it to them and said "Well, they'll never call Weinerboy again!" and this time WE WERE RIGHT!

The final complete edit is missing but I did manage to find a work-in-progress VHS copy. I've just included the opening to it as the rest is full of holes, time-code breaks, glitches etc. One part of this made me spew eggnog out of my nose and all over my VCR and I think you'll know what part I'm talking about. Now go grab some eggnog and a towel and enjoy!

click the atomic time-code for quicktime (01:00 - 2.3 mb)


Michael said...

ha ha Mr Johnny Darrell,you are a funny man!

Michael said...

thanks for the tip on the eggnog, I'm sorry to say I heeded you not and also nearly blew it out my nose!