Sunday, November 26, 2006


I received a disturbing email from Andrew Duncan, the Dirty Little Kid (aka Monkey) recently. Here's what he wrote:

5 words all baby's [sic] say:
Neh = hungry
Owh = sleepy

Heh = discomfort

Eair = lower gas

Eh = burp

Oops, that's another email from him. This is the disturbing email I meant to transcribe:

"Checking out google earth and what do I see two blocks from my house? I don't fucking know...what this is..?"

He then attached the following Google Earth pictures:

I promptly asked Andrew for some follow-up investigating. "GET DOWN TO THAT SITE IMMEDIATELY BEFORE WE ESPLODE! I wanna know everything! What it is. What it wants! I wanna know if it has a favourite colour! Is it friendly? Does it have any connections to terrorist groups?!? Is it a time warp? FIND OUT NOW DAMMIT!"

Andrew, being the amazing Halfsquatch reporter he is, took the coordinates and made his way to the anomalous site and came back with the following shocking photographs:

Our ace reporter writes: "Here is more evidence, I forgot to get the street address...I think it might have something to do with the Satellite TV dish, it's on the right corner...?"

I'm not sure if it is on the right corner or not. It may be on the wrong corner but Halfsquatch will be monitoring this location day and night from now on and will bring you exclusive up-to-the-minute reportaging on this strange phenomenon. WE ARE ON IT FOR YOU!

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