Sunday, April 01, 2007


Finally saw 300 and I was (sorry to say) disappointed. I went into this with HUGE expectations. I loved Zack Snyder's Dawn Of The Dead and the 300 trailer was nothing more than stellar. I'm also huge fan of composer Tyler Bates. The reviews and my friend's gushing must have blown my expectations way out of proportion because I found myself very bored. In fact, there was a couple of moments when I glanced over at my friend John Dryden and found him asleep and I thought to myself "Yeah. I could go there."

It was beautiful in almost every way and I thought Gerard Butler's charisma and screen presence was excellent but I was really looking forward to some great battle scenes. The battle scenes were great but they were too short and there was far too much unnecessary dialogue between the battles in order to drag out a tiny story. I was willing to watch a full half-hour of build up of tension and then dive head-first into 1 full hour of battle because it was so well choreographed and photographed but really this was not the case. I hated the ogre/hunchback and more fantastical creatures (Just because it's in the graphic novel doesn't mean it has to be in the movie does it? If it has to be "faithful" then wouldn't the movie really only be a half-hour? If it has to be "faithful", then there shouldn't be a musical soundtrack.)

Finally, it was over and the closing credits were amazing! I even said "Finally, something worthwhile" to my friend John but he didn't respond because he was still asleep.

Again, beautiful but boooooring. Click on the image below for the credit sequence done by the talented folks at Yu+co.

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