Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Canuck franchise got more than they expected of their new Strength and Conditioning coach and Information/Data Processor/Distributor/Retriever robotic purchase when during last night's game, Pierre 9.3 raised his two animatronic hands and produced a number of claps.

At a press conference this morning in Vancouver, the manufacturer, Ballard Industries media spokesperson Darren Pindarranadahead said, "Pierre 9.3 was not designed for doing such a thing. [We] are all shocked and amazed at the robot's A.I. [We] have a team of technicians in Anaheim right now doing a diagnostics check on [Pierre 9.3] and will be monitoring the situation very closely. We may have to reconsider the "fight Bertuzzi" program that we installed a month ago."

Mr. Pindarranadahead went on to say, "It was originally an "inside joke" but with this most recent unprecedented display, we're afraid that Pierre 9.3 might actually want to punch Bertuzzi right in the face."

A protester voices his (her?) opinion on the controversial fight.

Mr. Pindarranadahead's comment stirred quite a buzz in the press gathering and now it seems that Bertuzzi's agent is considering a pay-per-view special where Bertuzzi and Pierre 9.3 fight it out in the rink. If officials allow the fight to happen, it will be the first time in factual history where a human actually fights a robot.

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