Friday, April 06, 2007


I've been looking for an egg chair for a long time but they don't come cheap. I think that the next time I happen across a whole wack-o'-loot (tm) I'll go and order myself one from these guys.

I'm really torn up about whether to get the classic Ball Chair or the Egg Chair. Something tells me I have to get the Egg Chair. You should get one too. Oh, and I don't care if you're the King Of The Entire World; if you don't get the ottoman, you're a sucker. A complete down-and-out sucker.

While going through the entire "World Wide Web" (remember, I finished reading the entire web in December last year) I happened across this! Screw the Egg Chair altogether! Hellloooooo Relaxman's RELAXONE!

This thing actually floats on a cushion of air so that your natural body movements cause it to gently "rock and roll." It comes with a built in CD player (how 90's!) with remote and...wait for it........

Are you kidding me? And the thing has ambient mood lighting that you can adjust as well. I'd be in this thing all the time with my lap-top and I'd hook up the iPod to it and I would never come out! It would take an intervention to get me out of there and when I was finally physically pulled out, you'd find me looking something like this guy. Look at this guy! If you don't think he looks relaxed then you need some serious help. I posted the picture side-by-side for some stereoscopic 3D FUN!

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