Tuesday, April 10, 2007


When I was a kid, I LOVED Evel Knievel. I had his toys, I watched his TV specials and crappy movies and dressed up as him for hallowe'en once. I remember watching the Snake River Canyon jump and always wished that he'd appear on a 6 Million Dollar Man episode so they could fight. I thought, Steve Austin's stronger and will kick his ass, but Evel's tough enough to take the beating. Then when Steve wasn't looking, Evel would sneak up behind him with the exhaust pipe from his motorcycle and KABLAMMO! Knock that bionic eye right out of his head. Then I thought, after they fight, they'd become friends and then the two of them would team up and take on a variety of villains. Bigfoots, aliens, Russian spies, and sharks. At the end of every fight it would turn out that all these villains were robots.

My pal Patrick pointed me to this Ebay link today! It's the original X2 Skycycle! The auction's ended with no winner but you can still see what 5 million can get you. Check it out on Ebay!

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MadSpaceMan! said...


This is not the vehicle that Evel attempted to jump the canyon in. It is the X-2A the first of two Skycycles that Bob Truax built for Evel. This was used as a test vehicle before Evel made the attempt in the X-2B which failed because of mechanical problems.