Thursday, December 13, 2007


As you may or may not know, I am a compost junky. Not the kind of junky that shoots compost into his veins for a fix, but the kind of guy who gets some satisfaction in removing really rich soil from the bottom of the compost. Every two days or so, I throw a couple of buckets worth of vegetable trimmings and bread and coffee grounds into the compost in my backyard and every time I do so, I think "I can't believe how many people actually throw this stuff into the garbage!" I know that I'm fortunate enough to have a backyard in which I can do this and that for those living in apartments or condos, they may not have the means of doing so...until now! Check out Nature Mill's Automatic Indoor Composter!!!

Be sure to watch the video demonstration on their site. A friend at work said that it was a great idea and the only thing he'd change is that if it came without AC power so that it was a hand-cranking wind system--30 seconds of winding = 2 hours worth of mixing. Not a bad idea.

So maybe in the new year I'll have a Roomba, the anus-spraying butt-cleaning toilet seat
and one of these so I can just sit back and do absolutely nothing but watch my robotic house do stuff---like living in the year 4888!

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