Wednesday, December 19, 2007


British-made Ski-Mojo's are like shock-absorbers for your upper thighs, designed to alleviate stress on the legs allowing you to ski longer (and supposedly better). They cost around 600 clams (not sure if those are English clams). Personally, the little bum-scoop that cradles your butt looks a bit ridiculous but in a few years, I'm sure that this technology will be worked directly into pants. I assume (and hope) that they will work for snowboarding.


johndryden23 said...

look at the picture YOU posted, asshole. The fucker is on a fucking snowboard. Holy fuckin fuck!

Johnny Darrell said...

YOU look at the picture again, asshole! The fucker is not on anything. Holy fuckin fuck if you'd just open your stupid eyes and use your brain for once you'd see that he's just wearing the gear and boots you stupid asshole. THAT'S IT! There's no board! There's no skis! I don't know what kind of food you're eating but it's making you senile. The picture I posted is a snapshot from an animated movie from their site. Watch it you flabbergastingly frustrating dick-face and you'll see that there is NOTHING!!! AARRGGH!

johndryden23 said...

hmmm. Your right. fuck.