Thursday, December 20, 2007

1/2-SQUATCH'S '07 TOP 7+3

Well '07 is almost a wrap and I want to wish everyone a happy new year and a merry x-mas (I don't put the Christ in x-mas). 2007 was a big year for me personally and for this terrible, just re-god-damn-diculous blog of mine. There were a lot of posts (200ish) and a bunch of new readers so I thought I'd take a spin in my time-machine and share some of my favourite personal here they are in no particular order:

10) My first Halfsquatch interview with the creator of ROM: The Space Knight!9) Though not a personal entry, just a YouTube snatch-n-grab, this pilot episode of Lookwell, starring Adam West made me extremely cheerful.8) My insanely detailed review of the insanely detailed Rocky action figures!7) A ghastly discovery of crypt-master Eddie Van Halen6) My breakdown and explanation of some randomly picked Family Circus comic panels5) The Busey Squid! The photoshop job that I did was a super-rush job but it did the trick by removing gangs from my neighbourhood.4) My rocket-powered electric scooter that I use to commute to work with 3) Oh Snap! I found an "Oh Snap" flow-chart on-line and it directly related to a project that I had been working on where all the characters said "Oh snap!" out of context all the time. Read the comments!2) The Canucks-Bot and part two The Canucks-Bot Mimics Emotionand finally
1) How to make a god damn moose call out of an empty tube of Pringles.0) My "Desert Island" picks which dared to showcase my drawring "ability"...
Honourable mention goes to the Jacobs Creature entry where it sat in Google's coveted #1 link for the search for about 2 weeks (I'm sadly sitting in 2nd place like a turd-hopping fuckface). Thanks to that, my usual average of 45 hits-or-so / day SKY-ROCKETED to 4,500 hits in one day! That's well over 2-double dozens than normal!!

Best of luck to everyone in 2008: The Year of The Future of Tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Nice! I kind liked the one where you read the whole internet personally :)

Merry Holidays-hope you guys had fun :)


Johnny Darrell said...

A classic to be sure! Unfortunately, Melanie, that was posted in the year 2006. For those interested it can be found here: