Sunday, August 26, 2007


Ever have a dream? Have you ever had an idea that's been with you for most of your life nagging at you but you really never thought it would ever come to fruition? I have and I too thought "It's just a pipe-dream, Johnny-boy, it'll never happen." Until NOW! YEAH! The other night I was leaving Andrew Duncan's crib last week and when I got to the elevator I made a startling discovery:
When I saw this I stopped dead in my tracks because I knew that my life-long dream (well, 20 year-long dream) was finally standing before me.

Sitting next to the elevator was this old abandoned electronical wheel-chair...

...and a discarded jet-pack.

For those who know, a jet-pack can be extremely heavy (until it's turned on). This one was no exception. I nearly hurt myself lifting it up but managed to get it into the elevator. I brought the two pieces home and they are sitting now in my workshop and I should have the project complete by the end of August. No 2-zone Skytrain transit pass for me ANYMORE!

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Kelsey Wagner said...

First off, Andrew Duncan is a no good, lying, dime-store thief who owes me $35 from a bet we made in 1985 over who had hairier knee caps, Craig McEwan or a Chimpanzee.

Second, that wheel chair is my grandmother's who has the sorry misfortune to live beside Andrew in that rat infested dilapitated tenement on the lower east side. My grandmother is in that wheel chair BECAUSE of that goddamned jet pack which was sold to her by that dirty bastard, Andrew (You'll pay for this Monkey Boy)!

Third(ly-ish), that whore of jet pack worked great till it reached 100 feet above sea level and then it quit like a fat guy with Mono on a treadmill. My sweet granny fell nearly 87 feet before having her otherwise fatal fall broken by a large pile of discarded styrofoam. Thank Jesus and McDonalds for unrecyclables! She didn't die but Granny is restricted to that chair for the last of her crippled, miserable life during which she'll have to "make" in a bag.

Fourth, you can keep that cheap, post-Soviet excuse for a jet pack. JUST TAKE IT FAR, FAR AWAY FROM MY GRANNY!

ps. I bet that Craig had the hairier knee caps and won by a landslide. You can tell Duncan that the juice is running on those 35 skins!