Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Thanks Gio Entertainment News!

A whole shwack-load of years ago, while I was a wee-man at Mainframe Entertainment, I remember watching a short film called "9" and was really impressed. Rumours were flying that a feature was going to be made with Tim Burton as a producer. While on a tour one sunny afteroon at Bardel Entertainment, here in Vancouver, the fine folks there showed me their animation test (Bardel was one of the studios that Burton's folks were looking at) for the feature and I was really impressed with how nice their test looked. It was spot on to the original short. Unfortunately, Bardel did not get the gig. NOW BEHOLD and see the trailer for the feature! Pretty awesome looking I must say!!

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CAMacKinnon said...

Whenever you post a trailer, I expect to read a review of the trailer.

I was anticipointed on this one.