Thursday, January 29, 2009


Thanks Bernie!

Prepare yourself. As the song begins, the video shows Mr. Mark Gormley preparing to sing his song Little Wings. Pause the video at this point and look into Mark's eyes and try to listen to your mind's third ear as to what his voice is going to sound like. Once you have it in your mind, push play. I bet milkshake will come pouring out your nose even if you haven't even had a milkshake in months.


Ferraro said...

The weirdest part is how I kind of like this song.

His song "stars" I don't like though.

Mostly I just like the idea of him doing Karaoke and absolutely blowing the minds of everyone in the room.

Johnny Darrell said...

i was surprised by it myself to be honest. not a bad song for the style that it is. i like the beginning when the guy says "I like the animation too" and the other guy looks shocked and surprised by the comment like a "really?! Holy shit you're out to lunch" kind of look.