Friday, January 09, 2009


Last year John "JohnDryden" Dryden went to visit fellow "Snake" Jared "Potato Chip" MacKenzie in Utah. While down there, John found that there was a new style of hair-do that girls were wearing which has been referred to as "Utah Hair." Basically it's super-do's and up-do's and what-have-you's; full cans of hair-spray are being used to achieve a prom look -- only they're just walking around the mall in their sweat-pants with the high-school volleyball team's name arched across the butt.

Well it looks like it's finally made it to Vancouver. In the past two days, I've spotted 4 cases of Utah Hair at various Skytrain platforms and it's truly incredible. Right now it's very subtle, but it's most definitely Utah Hair. I'm sure the number of sightings will increase as will the hairstyles themselves as girls begin to try and out-do (no pun intended) each other.

Stay classy, lassy!

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