Friday, January 09, 2009


Robbing banks and being chased by the fuzz is a little out of my comfort zone but if I knew photographer David Proeber was going to be taking snaps of my run from johnny law, I might reconsider. Just to look as cool as this gun-toting, chain-smokin', denim-donnin' mad-man! Look how fucking awesome these photos are! These photographs are going to make David Proeber and his subject Robert Sylvester famous!

From what I understand, Robert Sylvester, 57, a suspect of robbing a Check 'N Go in Bloomington, Illinois was being chased down the interstate by the man when photojournalist David Proeber happened to be driving the other way. David pulled over and started snapping pictures of the car chase when suddenly Robert saw David, screeched to a halt, jumped out of his truck and started charging towards David gun-in-hand. David was able to snap off a number of photos (obviously) before he realized that he could be in some deep shit so he got the hell out of there. As he drove off he could hear the heat laying some major lead into Robert. When he felt he was safe he pulled over and took more shots. To see his entire sequence of shots click here sucka!

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