Saturday, February 28, 2009


John Dryden writes: "Holy fuck! I hate these guys so much! It's the "other" guys from Stone Temple Pilots, with a new singer, that sounds EXACTLY like Scott Whelan. With songs like "Trash The House" and "Party It Up" and the groaner, "Total Gang", I want to punch their collective faces. Here is an example of lyrics from Total Gang...

We are so a total gang
we'll kick your ass
if you say that again
We're a total gang

I think you get the point. These guys are retarded. Oh, and check out their shitty album cover..."

I have to agree. Though this band doesn't suck as much as Nickleback, HSS suck major donkey cocks and balls. To me, they're the equivalent of a harder-edged Honeymoon Suite. One of the worst album covers I have ever seen.

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