Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've done some graphic design in the past and my favourite job and passion is doing CD jacket artwork so when my buddy JP sent me the instructions on creating new bands and album work, it got me back into the graphic design swing (I've been too busy with other jobs and awesome chores to take on graphic work). Here are 3 new designs thanks to the JP Randomizer...


Lysyltransferase are similar to Dead Can Dance meets Bauhaus. Not a big fan of this band's music at all as it's kinda sappy with a faux-dark gothic edge and cliche lyrics.

Prulas are a Swedish electroklashy type band. Crystal Castles meets Boards of Canada.

Gatsugi Station rock. Despite the flowery jacket design, the music is pretty kick-ass punk. A little Bullfight in Mexico/At The Drive-In and a bit of The Hives. Politically charged punk.


Liberty Miller said...
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Liberty Miller said...

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These look great! (I thought they were real covers/bands at first -- that's what I get for reading your post starting in the middle)...

When you say "the JP Randomizer": am I right in assuming you're referring to the process involving Wikipedia (band name) and Flikr (photo)?

I'm guessing you didn't go strictly Random, am I right? :-)
Was the "what they sound like" part of the "JP Randomizer" process, or did you make it up based on the completed cover ?