Saturday, February 28, 2009


Montreal DJ, Jean "Jimmy" Phillipe (aka Kata Ha Jime) is basically a douchebag. During the day Jean is a roller-blading courier and by night he djs various Montreal clubs playing shitty 1990's electronica. The thing is, he thinks the music is fresh. If he was playing it as if it was his "schtick" then it would be kinda fun, but because he's balls out serious it's embarrassing. On stage, the moron djs without a shirt, sucking on a soother while wearing his rollerblades. He roller-dances while dj'ing and it's just pathetic as he spins about spinning discs. He also has been known to wear silly hats, such as a jester's hat or one of those hats you see french skiers wear; looks like a hand; usually the middle finger extended. His first CD "Selling Your Children" is absolute garbage. It's a bit of Aqua meets Ace Is Base and Roxette and a whole heap of shit.


rich johnson said...

KHJ sucks hamster balls!

Honkbarn said...

KHJ is a person with feelings and it's about bloody well time you started treating him like one you insensitive bastard!

Honkbarn said...
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Anonymous said...

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